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Animal, Poultry, Pellet, Cattle Feed Making Plants / Machines / Machinery / Mash Plants

We are Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Animal Feed Plants, Pellet, Poultry, Cattle Feed Making Machine / Plants / Machinery / Mash Plants / Plants and our setup is situated in Miraj, Sangli, Maharashtra, India.

We manufacture Poultry Feed Mills ( Feed Plant and machinery ) both in Mash & Pellet. And that is our USP.
We design, manufacture and Install the Mash & Pellet Feed Plants ( feed mills) for Poultry & Cattle both in semi-Automatic & Fully Automatic systems.

Depending upon the daily feed requirement we design the suitable capacity Plants in both Mash & Pellet form with Auto-Batching & Auto Bagging. The capacity ranges from 2tph to 12 TPH in Pellet-Crumble plant.

For small farmers to produce mash Feed in his own farm we have GRINDMIX H & V Series machinery.
Along with the animal feed manufacturing sector our products/machines ( Full sieve / screen Hammer Mills, Ribbon Blenders, Pellet Mills, counter flow coolers, crumblers etc.) meet the diverse requirements of various industries like Organic Fertilizer, Pharmaceuticals, Paints, Bio mass pellet, Chemical, Sugar & Cement Industries.